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Hey folks!

My non-work output has stalled, but I will get back into it :) Otherwise, I'm still drawing and teaching :D
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Ermergerd, it's been awhile! Sorry!!! Lemme update you on WTF's been going on.

Firstly, yes I'm still drawing but I'm doing projects that I can't put publically :X I'm storyboarding part time with my friend :iconbanondorf: for the YouTube cartoon Tequila Tae Kwon Do (…).

Secondly, my day-job has finally been letting up. For a long while, like October till June or July of 2012-2013, we were cranking out 11 movies for 3D.. We were doing 84 hour work weeks and that's just dang draining... and on TOP OF THAT

I got pregnant in February XD So first trimester, I was exhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaausted and working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week... and that was on a cut-down schedule. Hours are better now, but it felt like I needed at least a month to decompress.

On top of ALL OF THAT, I was doing a smidgen of freelance and did 2 issues of CVS's Factorman :X Soooo, crazy sorry I haven't been updating DeviantArt/Tumblr and showing stuff. BUT! Hopefully that'll all change once this baby is outta me around Thanksgiving. ^_^ I have crazy dreams of doing freelance and personal artwork during maternity leave, but I also understand that might be just crazy. I would hope handling multiple demanding jobs will prepare me for motherhood. Will it?! We'll see!

So that's what's been happening on my end. Anyone still out there? lawls.
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Foozballs, starting early, ending early O.o Gotta sleep, guys :O
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Finally found a site that'll do this, I hope!…

Also available as a poster, so they tell me! :O
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I storyboarded this! YEAHH!!! It was awesome working on the Jim Henson lot. Not so awesome in the dead of summer with no AC, but AWESOMES! And I got to see the real puppets, too! XD

Take a watch-see!
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Heya folks!

So the time has come that I have changed my username to be more career-friendly. I actually never wanted SongbladeX, it's just that Songblade was sat on :( Soooo yaiy!

And a new little doodle :O Trying to keep my drawing chops ... er, chopping. Still a 3D Depth Artist (Avengers, Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) by day, and misc. storyboard/comic book artist and now a bit of a character designer by night! :D

So I'm still around, perhaps not as frequently. Hopefully next year I can hit some cons, yeah!?
Hey folks!

Sorry I haven't done a dang dirty thing here in quite awhile. I finally got a very demanding job as a 3D Depth Artist at a company called Stereo D. We convert movies to 3D. :D Now, I was skeptical at first as I was pretty ambivalent about 3D movies, but the process is actually very involved and takes a lot of thought. And effort. 10 hours a day, 6 days a week kind of effort x.x

I owe a Rogue for my friend Lindsey and I am still poking around with more Nintendo x animation mix up paintings :) Also have a lot of paintings just sitting waiting for some love. But first, I took :iconaznbebop: 's storyboarding class and am caught up in planning an action board. AND Factorman is starting up again!

Crazy arse busy ;_; Sorry everyone.
All right! According to my TA :iconiheartpigs0618:, the Fall 2011 semester is from September 10 to October 29. Who's returning? Registration starts in August, the Open House will be on the 21st!
Thanks for the 30k hits!!

Now I'm in a bit of a challenge... I'm getting some art gigs, off and on, and I'm having a bit of an issue thinking of warm-up drawings. So! If you could suggest I draw something, please leave a comment! I'd prefer a little sketch situation as opposed to pin-up characters, but I'll take what I can get. :) Thanks!
Since I'm an optimist... what should I do for my hopefully upcoming 30k pageviews? Fanart of something? Some old characters of mine? Suggestions welcome!
And apparently, my Chrono Tigger was in GameInformer somehow?! WOW! That's super sweet and I thank all those that've faved and commented on that piece! :D Reminds me I need to get off my ass and draw more ^__^ I got some ideas for fanart and tons that're in progress that I just need to finish. Maybe today!? WHO KNOWS!

Otherwise, I'd really appreciate it if everyone with Cartoon Network tune into Mary Shelley's Frankenhole. I just finished my stint working on storyboards for season 2, it's a big hoot! :)
I feel old. What's this Tumblr thing?! OK, I'll bite.

Now to figure out what to really do with it :X
So I'm still unused to this Livestream/ DA update thing. Does anyone actually look at DA to see if I'm Livestreaming? Should I just update one journal entry all the time? BAH! So confused and I'm an incredible loser in letting everyone know on all platforms about this thing :/

Ah well, I'm up!

ONline 11/12 - Boards homework, ka-pow!
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In the spirit of :iconfinni:, I'm putting up a journal entry I'll update and such when my Livestream is up or not. Watch me do stuff, I suppose, if it "turns your crank" XD


12/27 - Well... heck. The quick session was just that, QUICK! I give you... Metroid 2: Return of Jafar o.o

And sadly, I'm not sure I'll be LSing again soon as I wanna do an entry for the Udon: Megaman tribute and I shouldn't be publishing that on the 'net :X SORRIES!
Thanks for tellin' folks about my art on your site! I super appreciate the bump in hits and the supportive comments.

As for the requests.... I'll see what I can do :) I'm always up for new challenges.
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Thanks to :iconskulldog: for turning me onto this thing :D I now have a LiveStream account and I'm just recording my drawing sessions. I had thought to get this mainly for my students to watch demonstrations of sketchy drawing, painting, whatever, but I thought I'd just open it up.

The account still needs to be verified, I believe, but I got a few videos up already. Soooo take a gander. I'm drawing this afternoon, off and on, so maybe you'll catch me live :)

The site is here:
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Gonna draw more, by golly! If anyone wants to commission me, I'm open to it :D Just email me what you want and I'll email you a price. Yeah?

Back to drawing, rawr!
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A new semester has started for me and I'm uploading a few pieces of old old old old art to prove a point. Pardon the intrusion of crappy art that gets oddly better XD Ahhh that progress meme got to me!
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Because they give me such amusement! I try to check in on these guys once in awhile. Too bad sometimes I forget who's who thanks to account names ;_;

SoooooOO! Here's my students (AFAIK. If you were a student of mine and you aren't listed, reply here so I can watch you!)

:iconorangediscord: :iconrilaro: :icon00kurudo00taiki00: :iconakaryuuaki: :iconanarie: :icondante-wolf: :icondunathehedgehog: :icongeostigmania: :iconiheartaxel: :iconjamanana: :iconx-jazzy-b-real-x: :iconkimchiandtofu: :iconpikopikonoriko: :iconplaidsneaker101: :iconrockstar53: :iconrushii: :iconssspppyyy: :iconparanormal9:

And Miwa once made a group or something here for me XD :iconwelovesylvia: I wish there was an easier way of keeping everyone together outside of Facebook.
I should draw more. Yell at me. Tell me what'd be cool things to draw and it might kick me in the ass!
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